Photoluminescent signs


In addition tothe production of standard porcelain enamel signs we also focus on the supply of a wide selection of photoluminescent signs, which are valuable for their exceptional properties in ensuring safety. Floor markings for escape routes and obstacles must be clearly visible and recognizable even during a power outage, and must be so for a sufficiently long time to ensure the necessary safe evacuation of a space. We satisfy this condition by using photoluminescent safety signs. Their luminescence parameters fulfil the provisions of the standard DIN 67510, required in the framework of the EU.

The greatest advantages of photoluminescent signs are considered to be:

  1. Immediate visibility during power outages,
  2. possibility of rapid and safe evacuation of persons,
  3. ensuring a notable feeling of safety in buildings.

Markings for escape routes form a special category of photoluminescent signage.

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Photoluminescent evacuation markings

Photoluminescent fire-safety markings


Photoluminescent floor tapes